Neuro Rehabilation

Any nervous system injury can prove to be really fatal if not treated on time. The world of the victims can come to a standstill, and their dreams can get shattered. Due to less awareness among people, they only get to know about the disorder once the damage is done. Neurorehabilitation is a medical process that helps to recover the patients from nervous system injuries. It tries to create a new way of living for the patient as well as the family. It tries to improve the skills of the disabled person and his friends and promotes them to a greater independence level. It helps in regaining the self-confidence and boosts the morale.

It has been in use to treat a number of medical conditions like Stroke recovery, brain injury, post-polio syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral palsy and many others. Neurorehabilitation offers a series of therapies which focus on physical, social and cognitive dimensions of the personality and lifestyle of thepatient and his family. It tries to empower the patient and reduce dependency on mobility and impairment aids. These involve some specifically designed health care strategies by ateam of highly experienced practitioners. Medical complications which might be life-long or that can create any problem in future are also taken care of. These programs are provided by many hospitals and private clinics.

There are a number of therapies involved. Physiotherapy is given to help recover the movements and ability to do physical actions. This involves balance retraining, aqua therapy, etc. Speech and language therapy help people with their communication issues. Psychological therapy aims to assist people in coping up with a changed way of living and with easy adaptation to unfavorable situations without having any trauma. Occupational therapy includes training for memory, attention, and processing. It also includes Neuromuscular strengthening and training.

These procedures try to deal with all the problems patients have after their injuries. It assists in helping them adapt to their situation and surroundings better and release them from any sdepression or trauma and making them more independent.

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