Melanoma is a cancer that initiates in a certain type of skin cell. It begins in the melanocytes. Most of the melanoma cells do produce melanin hence melanoma tumors are usually black or brown in color, while some lack melanin and occur pink, tan, or even white.
It can develop on any part of the skin of the body, but most likely to start on the trunk (chest and back) in men and on the legs of women.

Types Of Melanoma

  • Uperfacial Spreading Melanoma - UPERFICIAL SPREADING MELANOMA: The most common type of melanoma, starts in women from legs, while in men it is on the chest or back. The melanoma cells first grow slowly and then spread throughout the body.
  • Nodular Melanoma -  It can grow more quickly than other melanomas and is found in thechest, back, head or neck.
  • Lentigo Maligna Melanoma -  It is usually found in older people in their skin which had a lot of sun exposure over many years. It’s found on face and neck.
  • Acral Melanoma - It is the rarest of them all and usually occurs on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, etc. It isn’t related to sun exposure and hence, is not very common to find.

Causes - Several riskfactors can cause Melanoma to a person :-

  • UV Light Exposure- It is the most common risk factor for melanomas, and too much exposure to ultraviolet rays affect the skin badly so that melanoma can easily appear.
  • Moles  - A mole is a non-cancerous pigmented tumor, and someone who has many moles is said to develop melanoma.
  • Having A Weak Immune System - A person’s immune system helps their body in fighting against several diseases, and when this same immune system weakened, then the skin tends to develop many sorts of skin cancer, including melanoma.

Spots or moles present in theskin usually show following symptoms/signs :

  • Asymmetry.
  • Border Irregularity.
  • Color changes or too many colors in one mole.
  • Diameter more than 6mm.
  • Evolve or change over time.

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