Medical Hospitalsity

26 Dec 2019

Indian hospitality has always been one of the talking points around the world. The concept of keeping the guests at par with the divine is something that comes exclusively with Indian culture. This cultural character has now begun to translate in the form of tourists visiting the country to get a taste of this. Medical tourism has grown parallel with the mainstream leisure tourism in India. In the last few decades, the number of medical tourists visiting India has steeply increased.

The most obvious reasons of this trend can be enlisted as below.

  • Most of the expensive medical procedures in the west come economically in India.
  • The rules and regulations have been made to suit the requirements of the tourists.
  • The technological advances are not second to any other part of the world.
  • Some of the surgeries like kneecap replacement and solid organ transplants have been pioneered by Indian medical professionals.
  • Visiting India as medical tourists has an added advantage of being able to visit the tourism attractions in the same trip.
  • The care and sincere involvement shown by Indian medics is born out of the cultural value instead of training. This allows them to be genuinely concerned about the patients.
  • It can be safely said that medical tourism will continue on the upward curve and help the patients round the globe to get rid of their ailments.