LASIK is the term generally used to signify laser eye surgery. This surgery is usually meant for the treatment of eye complications like myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. It is considered as the way out from the specs for most of the patients as the surgery results in permanent removal of specs and usually better visual acuity for the patient.

This method involves reshaping the cornea itself in order to reduce or remove the medical issues generated due to its misshaping. The eye specialist uses a laser or microkeratome in order to carve the right cornea shape allowing the better focusing of light resulting in improved visual quality for the patient post the procedure.

This surgery is considered pretty well in accuracy with as high as 95-98 percent success rates. The patient though is suggested to take some preventive measures and regularly get the corrected eye checked up in order to avoid any unwarranted infection or counter complication after the surgery.

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