Intra Uterine Insemination

If a woman is not fertilizing, then this is a technique that is used to increase the chance of fertilization. In this technique, the sperm is placed in the woman’s uterus in order to ensure that fertilization is successful. The main motive of this technique is to increase the number of sperm counts in the fallopian tubes so that fertilization takes place. In comparison to other fertilization techniques, it is less expensive and has more popularity in themarket. The sperm could be of your partner or any other donor.

The first and foremost thing which many people should keep in their minds in order to make the treatment, a successful one is the age of the women. Women undergoing treatment through this technique should ensure that they are under the age of 41. Some of the other methods of early diagnosis can be formed if the reason of fertility is known and if the fertility drugs were used or not. Apart from all this, one key point which people should keep in their mind is that the eggs are fertilizable for only about 12-24 hoursafter ovulation. So the people should ensure that they have undergone the treatment within this period.

There can be avaried range of symptoms for thedecrease in sperm count or sperm mobility. Some of the common symptoms aretubal blockage, ovarian failure also known as menopause, ejaculation dysfunction, severe male factor infertility, severe endometriosis, and a hostile cervical condition which includes cervical mucus problem. One of the main reasons for usage of this technique is unexplained fertility.

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