Glaucoma refers to the band of eye complications that end up damaging the signal carrying optic nerve resulting in partial to complete loss of vision if left untreated. It is known to be the second biggest eye ailment after cataract.

Open-angle glaucoma is hard to detect and can only be kept in check through regular eye checkups. Only visible causes are loss of vision field. Closed-angle glaucoma is characterized by severe ocular pain, red eye, sudden reduction of vision and visible halos around light.

Glaucoma is usually the result of aging which leads to weakening of optic nerve strength. Other than that genetic design and ethnicity plays a vital role here. East Asian people and Eskimos have been reported to have the largest number of reported cases.

If detected early, the rate of progression of glaucoma can be largely controlled through medications. In the later stages, laser treatment and surgery remain the only viable options to treat the complication with any feasible results.

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