Generic Growth Trends Of Medical Tourism

26 Dec 2019

The ease of traveling and the high degree of globalization has made it easier for the people to travel along national boundaries. Medical tourism has been a beneficiary of this trend. Medical tourism means the patients traveling to different countries to their country of residence in order to available better and/or cheaper medical facilities.

Developing countries offer cheaper and yet success wise at par medical services making them hot favorites for medical tourism. The Asian countries like Malasiya, India, Thailand and Singapore have emerged as few of the top options for medical tourism for the same reason. While Thailand is a hit amongst the Western Europe countries, India and Singapore are also on the race charts. India and Singapore are usually preferred for more complex procedures; India giving the cost advantage while Singapore riding solely on technology advancements.

The major part of medical tourism in the above said countries is for surgeries, of which dentistry, cosmetic surgery, cardiac related surgeries and orthopedic form the dominant number.

The governments of these countries are pretty keen in giving visas to medical tourists as the input from them has begun to become a visible figure on the GDP charts. Other than that the rules and regulations are a bit flexible in favor of the medical tourists allowing them to get the best medical aid at comparatively lower wallet dents.