E-Visa for Medical Tourism: An obvious step forward

26 Dec 2019

Medical tourism has grown extensively in the past decade in India. The people from West have begun to prefer India not as a leisure vacation destination but also a medical service provider. The level of expertise shown by the medical professionals in the country has been the driving factor in this regard. Due to this high influx of medical tourists, the revenue collection has also seen a hike so much so that its trends have started to show effect on the overall GDP index as well.

Recently the Indian government has decided to move forward with the idea of providing e-visas for medical tourism. This is a pretty big step and is likely to give medical tourism in the country some driving boost. This step shows the government’s intent to harness the revenue aspect of medical tourism while also allowing the foreign patients to avail medical facilities in India with relative ease.

Allowing the patients e-visas also has a humanitarian outlook as it will allow the patients and their families to reduce one worry from their checklist. There are also concerns about the misuse of this facility and therefore the government should make sure that proper filtering and supervision is done in order to remove any possible anomalies from the otherwise noble decision.