Dental Bridges

Teeth are perhaps a very importantpart of our body as they help us chew food properly. Not just this, but teeth have to play other roles as well. They improve our smile to a great extent. Properly shaped and aligned white teeth that totally complement the face and lips are just a dream come true. This dream, though, is a little distant for many of us who everyday wish to get a little closer to realizing it. Many problems come as obstacles in the path of attaining a shining smile; one is teeth gaps and missing teeth.

Some people lose a tooth due to some accident or injury. Sometimes teeth don’t develop fully to their proper size. There are gaps between teeth of certain people due to one or the other reasons. Due to missing teeth, sometimes other teeth rotate and shift to those empty spaces, worsening the situation. This imbalance can cause many gum diseases and other disorders. It is quite uncomfortable to have any of these issues, and they take a toll not just on the smile but the self-confidence as well.

Procedures like dental bridges are, nowadays, used as a remedy to this problem. These are prosthetic devices which are cemented into existing teeth and can only be removed by adentist. Bridges span the space where teeth are missing. They are cemented to natural teeth or implants surrounding the space. These serve as anchors for the bridge. A replacement tooth is also attached to the crowns that cover these natural teeth or existing implants. There is a wide variety of these bridges available, and one gets to choose the best depending on the comfort and look. If good oral hygiene is practiced, these bridges might even last a lifetime. Though to avoid it getting damaged, it is advised not to chew hard foods and other things that might affect it.

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