Cervical & Lumbar Surgeries

Back pains have become commonand are affecting young and old alike. A lot of reasons might be associated with pain in the back. The main cause remains defects in the Cervical or Lumbar Vertebrae. It is important for one to take good care of one’s back. A lot of health conditions arise if one neglects the back. A lot of factors affect the health of the back, some of the reasons being aging, improper body postures, trauma and structural abnormalities. All these factors can affect your spine and symptoms like numbness in the lower limbs and back pain prevail. Most of the cases and conditions are treatable but if the complications exist for a longperiod and the conventional non-invasive techniques don’t work then depending on the region of the Cervical or Lumbar Surgeries are undertaken.

The Surgical Approaches undertaken during a Cervical or Lumbar Surgery
Depending on the disease affected area the surgeons strategize the surgery. There are three ways through which the surgeon can get access to the affected area. The first one on the list is the Posterior Approach, which means the incision is made at the back in order to access the affected area. The Anterior Approach is a bit more complicated the affected area is looked upon by making an incision in the front and going through your abdomen. Lateral approach is as the name suggests getting access to the affected part from the side of your body.

Some of the Common Surgical Procedures
Discectomy is usually done in thecase of herniated discs where the affected disc is removed. Laminectomy is a method which involves the removal of the thin bony plate on the back of the vertebra which increases the space within the spinal canal and relieves pressure. Spinal Fusion and Artificial Disc Replacement Surgeries are other procedures that are commonly undertaken.

Recovery after Cervical and Lumbar surgeries
Cervical and Lumbar surgery procedures affect the overall health of the patient. Pain Management is a crucial part after the surgery; Non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs are given to the patient in order to get some relief. Also in some cases, it is advised to the patient to wear neck or back braces.

Patient Stories