Cataract is one of the most commonly known medical conditions with eyes. It is characterized by gradual clouding of one or both eyes resulting in partial to full loss of vision. This amounts to be the reason for around half the blindness cases round the world. The most obvious symptoms include unclear and hazy vision which is followed by fading of colors and eventually loss of perception of depth and visual clarity.

The main reason for this complication is aging. Other than this, trauma and exposure to radiation can cause a cataract. Some genetic anomalies can also result in a cataract. Those who are exposed to smoking and alcohol and those with inadequate vitamin C run extra risk of contracting cataract.

If detected in the earlier stages through visual acuity test, then the problem can be sorted through corrective glasses which prevent further deterioration of vision. In the further advanced stages, removing the clouded eye lens surgically and replacing it with an artificial lens remains the most viable option.

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