Breast Cancer

Cancer that develops from breast tissue or a breast cancer is a rare disease, observable in only one in a million. Although being female itself gives you the risk of breast cancer development, the most common cause is theinheritance of the tumor genes from parents that are BRCA 1 and BRCA 2. This accounts for almost 5-10% of the cases. Other factors like lack of physical exercise, alcohol consumption, replacement of hormones during menopause, obesity, having first menstruation at an early age and having childbirth late or not at all, etc. also increase the risks of developing breast cancer. Exposure to ionizing radiation increases the risk of development of cancers too.

Any form of tumor or cancer is widely divided into two distinguishedforms: Malignant and Benign. Malignant tumours are the cancerous ones who need to be immediately treated whereas benign ones are non-cancerous and do not at least require any immediate diagnosis; sometimes they don’t require any treatment at all.

Breast cancer develops most commonly in the milk ducts and lobules which supply milk to these ducts. Tumours in the duct are known as Ductal carcinomas, and the tumors in the lobules are called as lobular carcinomas. Other than that, breast cancers are further classified into 18 subclasses.

Although the best way to avoid breast cancer is to keep away from the things which cause it, regular checkups help in the early stage detection and diagnosis of it. The diagnosis of is confirmed by a biopsy of the lump which is characteristic of a breast tumour. Later, by advanced examinations and studies, one can determine as to till where cancer has spread and its exact location.

The most visible signs of breast cancer development, other than lump formation change in the breast shape, scaly or red patch of the skin, fluids coming out of the nipple, skin dimpling, etc. Being aware of these signs and taking good care of your body can help in the early detection or curb the problem completely.

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