India for Lung Transplant Surgery

23 Jul 2019

Air “ The creator of life “ is the source of every living being and when it is contaminated it leads to death…Air pollution has already turned “The Mother Nature prematurely grey. Millions of people have already lost their life due to respiratory disease and the most affected body part that leads to these many deaths is lungs. Despite all these death people are still ignorant about lung disease. Market research agency, YouGov’s study across four continents fond that regardless of the high occurrence of lung disease, people are far more concerned about cancer, heart disease and strokes.

Some lung diseases

  • Lung circulation disease: Blood vessels are affected either by the blood clot or inflammation of the blood vessel leading to decrease capability of oxygen intake and releasing carbon dioxide.
  • Lung tissues disease: the internal structure of lung tissue gets affected .the lungs does not expand fully, making it difficult to breathe oxygen and get rid of carbon dioxide.

To treat this chronic disease, many times a patient has to go through surgery and lung transplant. And going through this medical procedure cost a lot of money. The total cost for a single lung transplant in USA is $561,200, which include $10,300 for a month’s worth of care leading up to the transplant; $73,100 for the procurement of the organ; $336,400 for the hospital transplant admission, fee to surgeon and rest to the drugs.

India Contribution

India being the new found destination for its cheap and best medical facility available, is contributing very significantly in the treatment of lung disease. It costs very less for lung transplant as compared to USA and other developed countries. In place of $561,200 Indian hospitals are charging $40,000-$55000.

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