Arm Lift

An arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the under portion of your upper arms. During an arm lift — also known as brachioplasty — excess skin and fat are removed from between the armpit and elbow

What is the recovery time for an arm lift?

Plan for 1 to 2 weeks of recovery time for an arm lift procedure. It may take the tissues in your arms a few weeks to fully heal

Do arm lift scars fade?

The incisions are most commonly placed along the inner arm to reduce visibility at conversational distance. Although an incision at the back of the arm is possible, this may be more visible in social settings when wearing short sleeves

Does arm lift leave a scar?

Most liposuction scars fade and are barely perceptible over time. Your scars will most likely be limited to the underarm areas. The arm lift incision can extend from the elbow to the armpit and sometimes to the side of the chest.

Is Arm Lift Surgery dangerous?

Like any other type of major surgery, an arm lift poses a risk of bleeding, infection and an adverse reaction to anesthesia.

Can you get surgery to remove arm fat?

Underarm surgery or brachioplasty is more commonly known as an arm lift. This procedure tightens loose, sagging skin and removes excess fat deposits in the upper arm that develop with age or significant weight loss.

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