Everyone is not blessed with perfect teeth. They have one or the other problem that makes their teeth look bad, and in turn, the smile is affected. One of such problems is teeth alignment. Not every tooth is properly sized nor in a proper alignment. Sometimes, these things make teeth appear bad and even make the smile look unattractive. Procedures and surgeries can be used to get rid of these problems. There is another problem posed by these. Surgeries can be harmful and somehow do not have a good percentage of successes. One has to go through a number of surgeries before getting rid of their issues entirely.

Therefore, one better way is to use some method which slowly over time helps to remove the defect almost naturally. One such way is theuse of aligners. These are orthodontic devices which help to adjust teeth and are used as an alternative to braces. These slowly move the teeth into position. A digital tooth scan is done at first. X-rays and photographs are taken and after that,s polyvinyl siloxane impressions of person’s teeth and gums. These are all done to create aligners. The graphical representation is used for some modifications, and these are shown to patients and their approvals are sought. Aligners are then created using thermoplastic material where thelaser is used to harden it. There are different aligners created for each stage of alignment.

Aligners are not recommended to everyone, especially children. There is some kind of problem with those being effectiveenough and some things are still under speculation. They are still more comfortable than braces. They can be removed easily and cleaning of teeth is much easier. Dentists can also apply these quickly as compared to braces. Every aligner has to be worn for about 20 hours a day for two weeks. The treatment lasts for about one year. There are limitations to their use despite them being way more comfortable. These are indicated only where no jaw discrepancies exist.

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