Face Lift

Facelift surgery is a procedure used to diminish the presence of facial wrinkles and other indications of aging, with the objective of enhancing the general appearance of the face and jaw. It is done by lifting and tightening the underlying muscles of the face to create a more aesthetically pleasing facial structure. Facelifts are generally performed by skilled plastic surgeons, who have an extraordinary eye for detail. Not all people are suitable candidates for facelifts. In order to gain maximum satisfaction from the surgical procedure, it is necessary for the individual to understand that the procedure doesn’t lead to drastic facial changes. Rather, it is an attempt to bring about subtle changes in the facial features that are closest to providing a natural look. The doctor may choose to advice the individual against the surgery, in case the procedure is avoidable. In other cases, the surgeon may suggest a different facial change, which may not match the original idea of the patient. This implies that both the sides have to reach a common ground of consensus before the process can be implemented. The abovementioned criterion makes the procedure extremely reliable, because it has been carried out after thorough deliberation.

Facelift surgeries in India generally cost between 1 lakh and 3 lakh depending on the type and extent of the surgery.   Factors affecting the cost of a facelift surgery are the type of facelift, the type of anesthesia, techniques and the surgeon’s skill and reputation.

A full facelift offers the most comprehensive results because it involves maximum change in the face structure.  Full facelifts can address more dramatic signs of aging, and, thus, they are popular among patients in their 50's and 60's. People can also opt for a mid facelift, mini facelift, lower facelift or a thread facelift.

Post a facelift surgery, the patient should pay additional attention to the areas that have been subjected to incison. The doctor provides the patient with a strict routine that needs to be followed in order to allow the wound to heal.The patient’s face may be covered with bandages and tubes to minimise the loss of blood.The general recovery time for patients who undergo facelifts is 2 weeks, but it may take longer depending on how extensive the surgery is. The failure to follow the doctor’s instructions may result in unexpected side-effects, thus defeating the purpose of getting a facelift surgery.

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