Doctor’s Training & Observership

Apart from providing the regular medical assistance to clients, TreatGlobal also offers Doctor’s training and Observership to international medical and paramedical staff and doctors who have graduated from abroad. We provide the training to such people to help them get to know about the medical practices that are followed in India. The training duration ranges from 3 weeks to 1 month depending on the specialty that a person chooses to upgrade their current specialization. We provide training to the students in association with the internationally accredited hospitals in India.

Coming to the observership, students and doctors who have enrolled in the training program are required to visit the hospitals and the medical facility centers to observe the procedures in person. Students under training would have to attend conferences along with attending patient rounds at the hospital. Along with this, the students have to observe the surgeries when it is being done at the hospitals that have been assigned to them.


Through the training and observership, the person gets to improve on his specialty and also serves as a chance for him to work in India in one of the best hospitals. On the other hand, if they wish to go back to their country, mutual exchange of expertise takes place.