Before Departure to India

TreatGlobal Triage - Your Initial Steps Withus
A team of experienced clinicians will analyze your medical history and suggest to you the most appropriate treatment plan for your condition at an affordable cost. This will subsequently help you to choose the best doctors and hospitals for your treatment.

Preliminary Session With Our Consultants
After the appropriate treatment plan is identied, TreatGlobal shall arrange an initial consultation with our local in-house doctors to counsel the patient if required. This will cover the patient's condition, disease, the treatment plan and any other relevant procedures.

Medical/Attendant Visa Assistance
TreatGlobal will assist with the visa application and formalities including communication with the embassy to facilitate and fast track the process of getting the visas smoothly.

Travel Assistance
TreatGlobal has its own travel desk that will assist patients in booking the tickets as per their budget, suitability of treatment and schedule. TreatGlobal will make sure patients get the best possible deal available so as to lower the cost of travel.

TreatGlobal will assist patients in booking hotels close to their hospitals and at affordable rates, making sure that our customers are protected from interference from the numerous private agents found in all hospitals. The medical attendants accompanying the patients are entitled to a complimentary stay in the hospitals for the duration of the patient's treatment.


While in India

Guest Relationship Officer (GRO)
A guest relationship officer (GRO) will assist patients with all their needs from the moment they land in India until they complete their treatment/stay in India. The assigned guest relationship officer will be able to speak, read and write most of the patients' languages fluently. The GROs will also be fluent in English, Arabic and Hindi so as to facilitate interpretation.

Mobile Connectivity
TreatGlobal will assist patients in acquiring a local (prepaid) calling card to help them keep in touch with their families and friends from the moment they land in India. The internet connectivity is very efficient.

Money Exchange
TreatGlobal will help patients exchange their foreign currency to Indian Currency (known as Rupees) at the best rates available for the day. The preferred currencies for exchange are usually in US Dollars and Euros. .

Transportation 'To & From' the Airport to Hospitals / Hotels
We will provide patients with a personal vehicle to pick them up from the airport and take them to their chosen hotels / hospitals. We shall guide them according to the suitability of their budgets.

Admission To Hospitals & Hotels / Check-In
Our Guest Relationship Officer (GRO) will help the patient enjoy an easy check-in whether at the hotel or hospital and will also assist patients in all the registration formalities at the hospitals. In addition to this, they will ensure that the patients get a comfortable stay in the hospital throughout.

International Cuisines
We will assist patients with information on the locations of good and reasonably priced restaurants that serve international cuisines and cuisines from the patients home countries where applicable / available.

Medical Update Center
The Medical Update Center updates the patient's loved ones at home on their well-being and the patient's further treatment plan if required.

Embassy / Legal Assistance
TreatGlobal will help patients connect with their embassies / high commissions in India and be of assistance in all legal / government paperwork.

Upon Discharge from Hospital

TreatGlobal will also arrange tours after patient's discharge from the hospitals. This will give them an opportunity to tour and enjoy the country's beauty. There are many historical sites available including the famous Taj Mahal, reputed to be one of the 7 Wonders of the world.

Indian Culture and Hospitality
TreatGlobal believes that every patient is our valued and cherished guest. We treat our Guests as our top priority and hence will make sure that our guests get the best hospitality.

Follow-up and Medical Attention.

Once you are back to your home country, our in-house medical consultants will keep track of your health in case you require any further medical assistance.