About Us

A medical tourism company based in New Delhi and having a wide access to all the best health care facilities around the world, TreatGlobal has been working towards providing affordable health care options to people. We understand the need for affordable health care facilities for our clients as not everyone can pay the medical expenses that have been incurred. But this simply does not mean that they cannot get the same medical treatments that they require the most, to save their lives. Through our services, we have been able to bridge the gap between the health care facilities in India along with others present around the world.

Several people from around the world have been visiting India as part of medical tourism. Our clientele spans over several geographical areas and they are majorly from Africa, The Middle East, Western countries and the Commonwealth of Independent countries. We have been able to serve our clients effectively when they come to us in search of affordable medical treatments that are out of their reach in their country. TreatGlobal has been part of providing trustworthy and affordable health care services to people who are in need. TreatGlobal works with a vision that puts the needs of the clients before ours. To facilitate medical care in the global level, we work with the motto "We care the World". By staying true to these words, we have been able to serve a wider clientele around the world, right from the beginning. Our mission statement is very simple and we are working hard to become one of the top brands in the world that provides assistance with medical tourism and treatments on a global level.

TreatGlobal is very much concerned about the health of its clients and thus has collaborations with some of the best hospitals and health care facilities in India. The list includes:-

We also work in collaboration with the Government agencies and Insurance companies to help us have a wider reach among the people. We provide state of the art infrastructure for the medical treatments for several cases related to allergies, cardiology, mental health, geriatric care, diabetes, gastroenterology and neonatal care. Some of the affordable surgery options we provide include general surgery, organ transplant, joint replacement and cosmetic surgery.