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Welcome to TreatGlobal

We Care for the World

Our Advantages

You have a number of reasons to choose us!


    • TreatGlobal Triage - Your Intial Steps Withus
    • Preliminary Session with Our Consultants
    • Medical/Attendant Visa Assistance
    • Travel Assistance
    • Guest Relationship Ocer (GRO)
    • Mobile Connectivity
    • Money Exchange
    • International Cuisines
    • Medical Update Center
    • Embassy/Legal Assistance
    • Transport to and from the airport to hospitals/hotels
    • Admission to hospitals and hotels/ check-in
    • Tours
    • Follow-Up
    • Indian Culture & Hospitality

3C's of TreatGlobal

TreatGlobal has deidcated towards working for the wellbeing of its patients with never-ending zeal & enthusiasm. The inspiration behind TreatGlobal, the secret behind its stand still posture is in the three magical C's that co-exist with the dream of TreatGlobal These are the three strong pillars that has and will help TreatGlobal emerge as among the leaders as a healthcare facilitator across the globe and will make the lives of all those people who become a part of it, Beautiful:



We care for each and every person that becomes a part of TreatGlobal in one way or the other.



Our compassion leads us to help the ones who need us in making thier lives more meaningful.



We are concerned about the well being of our patients and of the society as a whole.

Latest News

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    E-Visa for Medical Tourism

    Medical tourism has grown extensively in the past decade in India. The people from West have begun to prefer India.

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    Generic Growth Trends

    The ease of traveling and the high degree of globalization has made it easier for the people to travel along national boundaries.

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    Medical Hospitality

    Indian hospitality has always been one of the talking points around the world. The concept of keeping the guests.

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  • Testimonials

    • Avatar Mr.John

      TreatGlobal gave me the opportunity to get to know more about the medical facilities and treatments that I can avail in India at an affordable rate. I decided to visit the country for a cardiac treatment. People at TreatGlobal helped me to get treatments from the best hospital and gave me full assistance from the time I landed in the country. Exceptional service on the whole!

    • Avatar Mr.Joy

      The right choice when it comes to medical tourism in India! My friend referred me to TreatGlobal when I wanted to take my mother to India for her knee treatment. They were extremely professional in their services and provided us with full assistance from the beginning. We had no trouble finding the right hospital and our accommodation was also taken care of. Definitely worth the name they have built for themselves.

    • Avatar Dr.Lance

      I took up the one month observership and training from TreatGlobal to further expand my experience as I was planning to specialise in geriatric care after completing my medical school. I got the opportunity to train under the best doctors, hailing from world-class hospitals in India. During the course of training, I got the opportunity to attend several conferences and observe medical procedures that has helped me gain the required knowledge in my field.